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Chaise pliante E-Z UP® AllSport - Publicité Vision-Air
E-Z UP® AllSport Outdoor Folding Chair

Outdoor Chairs

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Chaise de directeur E-Z UP® Commander - Publicité Vision-Air
Commander Outdoor Chair

Outdoor Chairs

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Chaise de plage basse - Publicité Vision-Air
Low Sling Chair

Low Outdoor Chair

Sale price $79.00 CAD
Tents for camping come in many sizes and configurations. However, few are as unique and comfortable as the Vantage Camping Cube. This user-friendly tent solves many of the problems typically associated with regular tents. Durable Camping Cube tents are quick and easy to set up, offer plenty of space, and are easy to take down and pack at the end of a long camping trip.
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The Vista™ Shelter & Camping Cube™ Sports tent bundle allows for a stress-free setup and offers spacious space with loads of features. What makes the Vista™ pop-up tent ideal is the thoughtfully designed features, including an oversized zippered entrance with tie-backs, three screened windows and a vented roof. This means you get excellent airflow and ventilation while still being protected from the elements.
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in seconds, transform your E-Z UP shelter into an entirely new space with standing room capacity.