Enjoy your next camping adventure without compromise. E-Z UP® canopy tents have long been a staple of outdoor recreation and family fun. With E-Z UP® Camping Cube™ tent enclosures you can transform any campsite into a comfortable and spacious outdoor living space.

Camping Cube™

The E-Z UP® Camping Cube™ is spacious and sets up in seconds. Turn your E-Z UP® canopy into a camping haven with 100 square feet of interior space and increased head clearance to move around freely.
This isn’t your average tent . . . in literally seconds, not minutes; you can transform your E-Z UP canopy into a comfortable living area with tons of room for people, pets, and gear. Versatile and loaded with convenient features including sealed floor and fully enclosed mesh ceiling to keep bugs and critters out. The E-Z UP® Camping Cube™ is the smart and easy way to create your own camping oasis.
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Screen Cube™

The Screen Cube™ tent is the ideal family retreat for your next beach or camping outing. In literally seconds, not minutes, you can transform your E-Z UP canopy into an entirely new space and complete bug-free zone. So whether you’re looking for just shade or protection from unwanted visitors – the E-Z UP® Screen Cube™ and Instant Shelter® products have you covered.
The Screen Cube™ provides 100% enclosed protection and uses mesh walls, enclosed ceiling and floors with mesh doors to protect you against those unwanted visitors. Available in two styles, you can mix and match your E-Z UP shelter with a Screen Cube to match your personality.
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Your Camping Experience with Essential Gear

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Camping Cube™ 6.4 - E-Z Up OnlineCamping Cube™ 6.4
Camping Cube™ 6.4
Sale price $465.00 CAD
Mur Récréationnel - Publicité Vision-Air
Recreational Sidewalls
Sale priceFrom $65.00 CAD
Wedge™ Beach & Sport - Publicité Vision-Air
Wedge™ Beach & Sport
Sale price $149.00 CAD
Screen Cube 6.4 - 10x10 - Publicité Vision-AirScreen Cube 6.4 - 10x10 - Publicité Vision-Air
Screen Cube, 10' Straight Leg
Sale price $335.00 CAD
Event light - Publicité Vision-AirEvent light - Publicité Vision-Air
Event light
Sale price $149.00 CAD
Gear Shelf™ - Publicité Vision-Air
Gear Shelf™
Sale price $60.00 CAD
E-Z UP Link Light System™ - Publicité Vision-AirLink Light System™ - 4 Pack
Link Light System™ - 4 Pack
Sale price $260.00 CAD
Mur loisirs avec fenêtre 5.4 - Publicité Vision-AirMur Récréationnel avec fenêtre - Publicité Vision-Air
Recreational Sidewall with Mesh Window
Sale priceFrom $105.00 CAD
E-Z Clips - Publicité Vision-Air
E-Z Clips
Sale price $29.00 CAD
Screen Cube 5.4 - 10' x 10' - Publicité Vision-AirScreen Cube 5.4 - 10' x 10' - Publicité Vision-Air
Screen Cube Only, 10' Angled Leg
Sale price $275.00 CAD
Chaise de directeur E-Z UP® Commander - Publicité Vision-AirChaise de directeur E-Z UP® Commander - Publicité Vision-Air
E-Z UP® Commander Chair
Sale price $140.00 CAD
Hang Space - Publicité Vision-Air
Hang Space
Sale priceFrom $139.00 CAD
Wagon, GearRunner, Digital PrintWagon, GearRunner, Digital Print
Wagon, GearRunner, Digital Print
Sale price $659.00 CAD
Custom Commander Director's Chair
Custom Commander Director's Chair
Sale price $179.00 CAD
Camping Cube SportCamping Cube Sport
Camping Cube™ Sport
Sale price $355.00 CAD
Chaise de plage basse - Publicité Vision-AirChaise de plage basse - Publicité Vision-Air
Low Sling Chair
Sale price $79.00 CAD
Wagon pliant GearRunner™ - Publicité Vision-AirWagon pliant GearRunner™ - Publicité Vision-Air
Sale price $369.00 CAD
Footprint - Publicité Vision-Air
E-Z Footprint
Sale price $70.00 CAD
Gear Loft™ - Publicité Vision-Air
Gear Loft™
Sale price $29.00 CAD