How to's

Your go-to resource for quick and easy setup tips. From canopy assembly to accessory optimization, our concise videos ensure you master your E-Z UP gear effortlessly. Start exploring and elevate your outdoor experience today!

E-Z UP® Vantage™ canopy tent - How to Set Up

E-Z UP® Pyramid™ canopy tent - How to Set Up

E-Z UP® Eclipse™ canopy tent - How-to Set Up

E-Z UP® Eclipse™ canopy tent - How to Take Down

E-Z UP Dome® pop-up canopy tent - How-to Set Up

E-Z UP® Camping Cube™ tent and pop-up canopy: Set Up and Features

E-Z UP® ES100s canopy tent package - Perfect pop-up for Outdoor Markets and Fairs

E-Z UP® Speed Shelter® 8' x 12' portable canopy - How To Set-Up

E-Z UP® Vista™ 12' x 12' canopy tent - How to Set-Up

E-Z UP® Work Cube™ - Portable Utility Enclosure for Construction & Industrial

Sidewalls and Accessories

Welcome to the E-Z UP Sidewalls & Accessories section, where convenience meets versatility. Explore our curated collection of accessories designed to enhance your canopy experience. From sidewalls for added privacy to lighting solutions for ambiance, we've got you covered. Elevate your setup with ease and make every outdoor occasion memorable with E-Z UP.

E-Z UP® Deluxe Wide Trax™ Roller Bag

E-Z UP® Sidewall for canopy tents

E-Z UP® Half Wall - Extra shade for canopy tents

Camping Gear

From durable tents to versatile accessories, we've got everything you need for your next adventure. Pack lighter, set up faster, and make the most of your time in the great outdoors with E-Z UP camping gear.

E-Z UP® Camping Cube™ Sport tent - Set Up and Features

E-Z UP® Screen Cube™ - For Camping, Beach, or Backyard

E-Z UP® Gear Shelf™ accessory for Camping Cube™

E-Z UP® Gear Loft™ storage attachment for Camping Cube™

E-Z UP® Footprint - Floor Attachment for Instant Shelter™

E-Z UP® E-Z Clips - Hang gear from your portable canopy frame