Improve Visibility & Reduce Eye Strain

Innovative Design Provides
Powerful, Diffused Light

Huge Coverage Area

Up To 11,000 sq. ft
at 150W 

Sets Up In Seconds

Lightweight and Portable
to Light Any Area


  • Over 5,000 square feet of 360-degree illumination
  • 7,800 lumens, <1.0 operating amps, 120-volt input
  • Glare-free, diffused lighting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Water-resistant LED balloon light rated to IP42 standard

Starting at 629$ CAD


  • Over 11,000 square feet of 360-degree illumination
  • 19,500 lumens, <1.5 operating amps, 120-volt input
  • Glare-free, diffused lighting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Water-resistant LED balloon light rated to IP42 standard

Starting at 849$ CAD

FAQ about the SKYFUZE

Light kits include the balloon light fixture with cord, remote control with batteries, adjustable tripod, tripod adapter, eye bolt hanging mount adapter, 2” C-clamp mount adapter, safety cable for hanging mount, light fixture carry bag, and tripod carry bag.

Light brightness is measured in lumens. The 60W option produces up to 7,800 lumens, which is nearly equal to the output of a 500W incandescent bulb. The 150W option produces 19,500 lumens, which is greater than the output of a 1,200W incandescent bulb.

The self-inflating diffuser redirects light from the LED to cast a wider, more evenly spread area of illumination with greatly reduced glare, less contrast, and softer shadows for better visibility and comfort.

The diffuser is automatically inflated by an internal fan mechanism that switches on when the light is powered up. This fan stays on while the light is turned on and switches off when the light is turned off, allowing the diffuser to automatically deflate for storage. You may hear a low-level sound from the fan while the light is on.

The diffuser is made from a lightweight yet durable nylon material that is resistant to damage during normal use. However, care should be taken to avoid cuts, abrasions, or damage from hot objects or surfaces.

Yes. SKYFUZE lights are dimmable from 50% to 100% output in 10% increments using the included remote control.

The tripod extends from 3.5 feet to 6.5 feet tall (not including the balloon light fixture).

Yes! The included eye bolt or c-clamp adapters can be fitted to the balloon light fixture to hang or mount the light inside an E-Z UP canopy tent.

SKYFUZE Balloon Lights are IP42 rated for water and dust resistance. This means the light is capable of normal operation under vertically falling water drops, but is not resistant to direct spray or splashing of water.

Yes. SKYFUZE lights can operate in wind gusts up to 30 mph. Be sure to properly anchor or ballast the tripod with sandbags or weights when using in windy conditions.

All SKYFUZE lights are designed to run on standard AC 110-240 voltage. 60W lights have a 65-watt total power draw at 0.5 A, while the 150W lights have a 155-watt total power draw at 1.5 A

All SKYFUZE lights include a 15-foot spec grade cord with a standard 3-prong grounded plug.

Yes. The remote controls for 60W and 150W SKYFUZE lights are universal, so a single remote can operate multiple units within a 25-foot range.

All SKYFUZE lights are covered by a 3-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty covering defects in workmanship or materials. The Warranty does not cover damage, abuse, wear and tear, acts of god, or other situations unrelated to manufacturing and construction quality.

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with your SKYFUZE purchase for any reason, we will make it right. You can return your product for a replacement or refund within fourteen (14) days of your purchase.

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