Notre histoire depuis le début

Élever l’excellence instantanée des abris

De l’invention originale du toit plat en 1983 à la conception du toit Peak en 1986, notre engagement envers des matériaux de qualité a été inébranlable. EZ UP Canada a redéfini l'industrie avec des produits innovants, introduisant une gamme étonnante de couleurs profondes et de fonctionnalités avancées.

Au cœur d'EZ UP se trouve une passion pour l'innovation, qui nous pousse à améliorer constamment l'expérience utilisateur de l'Instant Shelter®. Notre dernière gamme de produits établit de nouvelles normes, reflétant notre engagement à repousser les limites.

E-Z UP's Legacy of Excellence - now over 40 Years Strong!

With over four decades of experience, E-Z UP has a rich tapestry of stories to share. Celebrating milestones like the 20th and 30th anniversaries of their employees’ dedication, witnessing the enduring loyalty of customers still using shelters crafted over two decades ago, and countless anecdotes of how E-Z UP products seamlessly integrate into everyday life and professional settings.

Our History

E-Z UP Canada’s journey is intertwined with that of Custom Shelters Inc. and Publicité Vision-Air Inc, two of the oldest distributors of E-Z UP products in Canada, for more than 20 years. Together, they embarked on a mission to bring E-Z UP products to Canadian customers, serving both the French and English-speaking market, with warehouses located in Eastern and Western Canada. In 2024, with their families now part of the team, they have forged an alliance and launched, aligning with INTERNATIONAL E-Z UP INC. of Norco California, to provide an enhanced experience for E-Z UP customers nationwide.

With many thousands of satisfied clients, E-Z UP Canada is on a mission to make the #1 Instant Shelter and Promotional Product supplier in Canada. Join us on our journey.

E-Z UP® Instant Shelters™ are exclusively distributed in Canada by UP Canada INC.


The Instant Shelter™is a trademarked term for pop gazebos coined by International E-Z UP®, Inc. who invented the portable, quickly erectable shelter in 1983 and created a successful business with worldwide quality reputation and recognition

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